2006 Theresa’s Advancing throu Adversity

2006 is off to a slow but steady start
New Years Eve I fussed at Byron about his lying bull shit
slammed the phone down on him
saying that my dad’s dying of cancer & he doesn’t care
but he’s making sure that I don’t get to see him
8pm I was at the local sports bar All Stars
planning to get a steak dinner while I watched the game
surprise – they’re having a NYE party!
since I was there to see the game so early
they didn’t make me pay the cover charge of $18
So I enjoyed a nice steak dinner with a glass of cherry coke & had a mudslide
Watched the Giants win & heading to the playoffs
the waitress was so sweet I gave her a $3 tip
which for me is alot considering how little money I had to spend
the live Band was great & had wireless equipment
so they moved thru out the bar
both the lead singer & the guitarist came & sat at my booth with me during differant times in the nite
even thou I didn’t pay for the party
the waitress brought over a tiara for me &
i also got a free champange at the stroke of 12
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