Merry Christmas, 1st day of Kwanza & Chanukah

Hope that everyone’s having a fun time today
the news pointed out that today si the 1st day of Chanukah which isn’t usual that it starts on Christmas day like Kwanza does every year
Mine has been a quiet Christmas
Daughter working, G-son at the other g-parents;
Son called from the Navy yesterday since japan is 1/2 day ahead
Byron worked & rushed off claiming to be heading for bed
I asked him to pick up egg nog & soda before he headed to his mom’s
since that was over an hour ago
& he’s not returned I know that he was lying
& was only concerned with getting to the bar
to drink & watch the game with the moochers
Part of me is disappointed but even before Byron showed up I was slowly typing an email saying for him to just drop off the egg nog & soda & then go on his way
so byron’s absence isn’t bothering me
just the lie by lack of ommission as he was leaving out
he was suppose to be going to get the egg nog & soda & then heading on out
instead he didn’t show back up & just went on to be with the moochers
i really wanted the egg nog & the soda & thats what i’m missing right now
i’ve got nothing to go with my amoretto or shnapps to mix the drinks with
well i’m heading back to bed
it’s raining so i’ve been in bed alot today
past 2 days i’ve been exhausted from the rain
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