Annual Shopping Tradition w/ Bill

I’m Exhausted after the wonderful joy of
Bill & my Annual Shopping Tradition t
o get our last bit of Christmas shopping done
the week before Christmas
This year  we added much more fun
two only child boys aged 4 & 5
talk about excitement & 1/2 & 2 non-stop chatterers
I’m sure that Bill’s most likely more tired than I am
since he had the fun chore of
pushing the 2 sillest boys around in one cart
while I went along with another for the purchases
After our trudging thru the stores
we let the boys run off some of their energy
at the mall’s playground & they loved it
of course g-son didn’t smile since pics
with Huck Finn mean it’s time to go
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1 Response to Annual Shopping Tradition w/ Bill

  1. Darren says:

    I just finished my shopping tonite…yeah I know..yearly last day affair,lol

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