Mission Impossible with Man but Mission Possible with God!

I got this email devotional today & wanted to share it – someone out there needs this


A Mission Impossible, With Man

As to your marriage situation, going to God for your Mission

Impossible in our word for today from the Word of God in Daniel 2,

beginning with verse 17. King Nebuchadnezzar, the king of Babylon,

where Daniel has been taken as a captive and elevated to being a

royal advisor, has had a very troubling prophetic dream. He calls in

all his astrologers and spiritual advisors, and asks them to not only

figure out what his dream meant, but what was the dream he had – or

die. See, he doesn’t want any magician scamming him with some made-

up interpretation. Hey, if a man can tell him the dream, then he can

trust his interpretation of that dream, right?

Of course, no one can tell him what he dreamed. Then Daniel, God’s

man at court, is called in as the king’s last resort. Even for

Daniel, it’s Mission Impossible. What Daniel did is a pattern for us

when we’re facing our Mission Impossible. "Daniel returned to his

house and explained the matter to his friends … he urged them to

plead for mercy from the God of heaven … During the night the

mystery was revealed to Daniel … Then Daniel praised the God of

heaven and said: ‘Praise be to the name of God forever and ever;

wisdom and power are His.’" What follows is a powerful prayer of

extravagant praise. And when Daniel reveals the mystery to the king,

he says, "No wise man can explain the mystery … but there is a God

in heaven who reveals mysteries."

There’s the plan for your Mission Impossible. First, recruit prayer

partners to intercede for you and for this situation in your home.

The battle will be pre-won in prayer. Step two: focus on the power

of your God rather than the impossibilities of the situation. Then,

as Daniel did, download resources only God has. Daniel said, "You

have given me wisdom and power, You have made known to us the dream

of the king." God has resources that no one on earth could ever give

you. And the last step in this plan for winning in your Mission

Impossible is to give God all the glory for the breakthrough. People

may express amazement or admiration for you – you let them know it

all belongs to the mighty Lord that you serve. And you don’t have

the answers – He does. And He chose to send this particular answer,

this particular solution through you.

Well, are you kind of like Daniel, facing something that’s far beyond

what earth could do? Then, do a Daniel – "This is a job for the God

of heaven … the Lord who is my God!"

Hebrews 11:3,6

"By faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of

God, so that the things which are seen were not made of things which

are visible. But with out faith it is impossible to please Him, for

he who comes to God must believe that He is, and that He is a

rewarder of those who diligently seek Him."

Is anything too hard for God?

Be encouraged

Pastor Doreen

2778 NW 193 Terr. Miami, FL 33056


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