Bah Hum Bug!

I really hate the over crowded stores during this time of year with everuone trying to hetically buy gifts
Ugh I almost can’t beleive that are ALWAYS seem to be a  nasty mess in the bathrooms  wal-mart stores seems to be the worst offenders this season – i guess to save money not only are they not bothering to hire the help they’re cutting out on the soap, toiletpaper & towels
(even worse is that even after a wal-mart manager is told of the mess they don’t send someone to clean it)
& the over stocked flowing on to the floors so that the cart is barely able to move is also a major pet peeve of mine at this point with the stores tossing everything that didn’t sell earlier this year onto the store shelves but barely discounted to make it worth while
my mission for the shopping trip was 1/2 accomplished got the full length fake fur coat I’d seen in early Oct
althou i got an Xlg due to the L’s being gone
althou M is the proper size for fit I wanted the extra length to cover as close to my ankles as possible
if i get to go out for new yrs eve this yr as I hope to do – even got a fake fur hat with scarf attached $48 for both items
i was pleasantly surprised to get a pr of Jets PJs for only $10 & a Pennington jersey for only $15
G-son almost lost his winter coat in the store – he put it down & forgot it when he cought his eye on something "fun" so we ended up spending 15 – 20 minutes looking for it after I realised that his coat wasn’t on him nor in the cart when we were in the check out line
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