Power of the Praying Wife – Restorations Yahoo Group

Well things have calmed down a bit over here
Roommate seems to have gotten the message – Mooch Elsewhere
Thanks for those of you who emailed to say – Let her GO! I guess I needed an ok to really look at the relationship & realise that she really hasn’t been much of a friend unless it really benefitted her & her actions this past week just cemented the fact that I need to "weed my garden"
So after all that drama is now over I’m starting a helpful project for me & other standing wives, I was looking to join an existing yahoo group but those which are already started are those filled with wives whose husbands are home & pretty much the marriage is intact & happy
so now there’s a new yahoo group for those of us whose marriages are in a bit of a roller coaster period where we wives can pray thru this trial & give each other support while we go thru the studyguide of the power of the praying wife by stormie omartain
Right now it’s only hours old & there’s not much in there to look at & only 1 member but after chatting with a few people online about the idea of having a group study on the book I think this should be rewarding as well as supportive to those of us who are standing for our marriages & leaning upon God to guide us & while we wait for our restorations of happy homes 

Click here to join PowerofthePrayingWife-Restorations
Click to join PowerofthePrayingWife-Restorations

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