Roommate Troubles

Ok a couple of days has turned out to be my worst fear!
Jaz wants to stay here for 2 weeks she announced on the phone to me last nite while she was out…
Her exact proposal was to stay here for 2 weeks until she gets the apartment that she told me about because staying at the homeless shelter is kinda unpleasant idea & she doesn’t want to account for the time that she works which she’d have to do with them & althou she could afford to stay at a hotel with cooking amenities which are in the area (in fact where we met many yrs ago) she’d not be able to easily save money for an apartment if she were to stay there for the 2 weeks – now in exchange for staying here those 2 weeks (no guarantee it won’t end up being more) she’ll help me when she can with some of my unpacking….
Hhhmmm Ok I’m suppose to give up my g-son’s room &
 have to start sharing the futon in the living room with him during the 2 weeks (possibly more?) that she’s here,
I’ve got hear her snide comments about my husband & my marriage (mind you this dramaqueen has managed to get kicked out of her ex-boyfriend’s mother’s house after she had a major arguement with her mother & sister at her mom’s house)
& gee I’m suppose to do this giving up of my personal space & be happy about it & even thankful the way she was trying to make it sound on the phone that she’s making the offer to help me unpack when she feels like it (opps i mean when she’s able) &
All of this she expects for me to allow – At No Charge! She makes more than $10 per hour she’s Not Unemployed or even in Real Need  – she’s now attempting to MOOCH!
I asked a few friends via IM about it to make sure that I’m not just being hormonal & yes to ask for some money when she’s not invited is acceptable
althou my personal preference is that she’d not be here at all & she go somewhere else – I mean she’s a good friend during the sunny weather but she does create her own problems & tends to burn her bridges while she’s still on it
I’m trying to decrease the drama in my life & she’s the area’s DramaQueen & I simply want peace & quiet in my home & not feeling like I have to be extra quiet due to "company" which I didn’t invite
I mean after she’d put this proposal in front of me
she came into the house & then didn’t offer to sit down & discuss what she’d said on the phone &
she didn’t ask if there was anything which she could move for me (I mean that was part of what she was offering)
she didn’t even have any soda or juice to replace what she’d drunk over the weekend even thou she saw that there wasn’t anything other than the Party Punch I had made
no toilet paper or box of kleenex (ok men readers women go thru 3 times as much toilet paper as you do so if I go to use the bathroom & the roll is empty & not replaced it’s almost as bad of a pet peeve as leaving the seat up) 
& I didn’t mind that opened a bar of soap but the fact is that she was going in my g-son’s drawer & didn’t ask if there was a differant soap that she could use rather than the bar which is 1/2 gone in the bathroom
I don’t look kindly upon people just going thru my stuff you know what I mean – had she asked I’d have gotten it for her or offered the liquid soaps I have in the bathroom but she didn’t ask & just went in thru my stuff & thats one of those things which is Rude & Improper for a "Guest"
(by the way Geof had a glass of it last nite & I didn’t mention the fact it had any liquor & when he brought the glass back to me he asked what I had put in it ’cause it had a nice kick)
Ok I’m done venting for now – I’m about to head out to the mall to get my mind off my troubles & figure out how to nicely offer my friend the following options
1) She can stay here for 2 weeks but pay $100 per week & the 1st $100 she needs to pay NOW
I mean just because I don’t pay for the rent out of my pocket
doesn’t mean she gets to Mooch off MY Husband who does work hard
even if he drives me crazy in his MLC he is at least doing part of his husbandly duty
2) She can go stay at the YMCA which has a few rooms still available for women for $26 per nite or $175 wk – they have a 30 day policy & then she’d have to move out for 24 hrs & then afterwards she can come back for another 30 days if they have rooms still available
3) I’m waiting to hear back from the YWCA which has some tempoary housing available
which goes on a sliding fee scale according to what the income is of the woman &
why she’s going to their facility in the 1st place
the social worker there is still on vacation, so I’ll be getting a call back tomorrow I hope
4) She can always go to the local hotels which offer the weekly rates & cooking facility
optins 2 & 3 have extremely limited cooking facilities
5) For FREE she can go to the homeless shelter
which is what she told me she was doing in the 1st place
when she asked about staying the nite this past weekend
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