Got a Temp Roommate

For the next couple of days I’ve got a temporary roommate
My Girlfriend Jaz has had some family troubles & is waiting for the holiday weekend to be over so that she can look for some tempoary housing while she tries to get an apt in the area that she’ll be able to afford
It’s kinda nice to have some company but she’s a dreaded morning person while I’m a nite owl so it’s kinda difficult for the 2 of us to really chit chat
She has to get up so early in the morning so that she’s off to her sneak into her mom’s house to grab some clothes for the day & take a shower while her sister & mom are either sound asleep or out of the house –
when she got out of work this afternoon she ran over to the gym to take a shower & just lucky for her that she didn’t wait very long because when she got there it was almost closing time
I felt a bit uncomfortable with the fact that she’s unhappy with the fruit punch I made…
she couldn’t taste the alcohol so she wasted half of the glass I poured for her…
a glass in the bar would be made up individually & would only have 2 shots of liquor if they were to make the same punch…
how much does a drink at a bar with 2 types of liquor cost nowadays?
to be honest it pissed me off a bit I poured 2 cups of liqour into the punch
so there’s plenty of liquor in the glass
but due to the sweetness of both the liquors & the fruit juices & teas I used to make the punch
the hard liquor "tang" isn’t there…
what she wants to get drunk on 1 glass of punch?
she went to bed early before 8p & is already knocked out on the 1/2 glass of punch she drank
so even if she couldn’t taste the liquor it did have an affect
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