Lost In CyberSpace

Don’t know what’s happening but the last couple of posts which I’ve tried to make have gotten lost in cyberspace
I hope that everyone has enjoyed their Thanksgiving Holiday Dinners yesterday
& that sometime during the day that everyone took the chance to look over the past year & realise that even thou we may not be where we’d like to be in our lives that if we look carefully at the past years events in some way God has touched our lives & we do have things to be Thankful for
As G-son & I were waiting for his Mommy (my 1st Born) to get out of work
he & I were going thru some of the stuff here in the apartment & sorting thru what I’m keeping for me & what I’m sending over to Daughter’s house for her own 1st Aid/Health kit
what I’m sending over to Byron if he’s interested in caring for his health (otherwise I’ll give it to another deserving male who IS interested in their health)
& it occurred to me that Daughter hasn’t really thought about just how blessed she has been both as a child & now as an adult because she’s not Really Experienced Lack or Suffering & Sacrafice
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