Navy Son is on the Plane back to Japan

I’m feeling very alone today
missing my baby boy
who’s now headed back to the boat in japan
we got 1 extra day together – he misread his ticket
which we just enjoyed in quiet the 2 of us
thinking & giving hugs until daughter got out of work
then she came over & we joked around watching tv
byron showed up around 10:30p after playing poker
it was soo nice to have the entire family together
only one missing was g-son who had gone to his g-parents
i did manage not to cry too much
as we dropped him off at the airport
but now the tears are starting to flow
byron left at 10am this morning to head back to his mom’s house
my daughter called to check on me around noon
i was in the middle of a nap
so i was able to sound ok for her
but now it’s almost 6pm &
i’m in here in this quiet house all alone
I’m kinda emotional mess today feeling really down
the soonest that i’ll get to see him again
is another whole yr maybe longer
but he & I are going to go thru
the Purpose Driven Life book together via email
starting with his reading the 1st chapter on the plane
then we’ll exchange emails on what it meant to us
i’m just so worried with the recent developments
the past week overseas since he’s been here
that he’s going to be heading back out to sea to the war areas
my words to him at the airport
were baby stay on the boat, stay on the boat please
i know it’s just a mother’s fears speaking
but he whispered don’t worry ma i will
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