Busy Busy A Mother’s Work is NEVER Done

I’m in a very good Mood
Trying to share my precious baby boy
with the rest of the world knowing
that way too soon he’s heading back to the navy boat in japan
my step sister pearl perez
in very poor taste sent a complaint on the
evite invitation to the early thanksgiving dinner
which we decided to hold for navy son 
because we’re thankful for his safe return to us
& celebrating his 21st b-day
& his safe return to the navy
until he’s able to come back to us again
but i guess she didn’t realise
that everyone could see her comments
all she did was make herself loook bad
& piss off the kids who are tired of the family BS
o well i won’t waste any more time
on the dysfunctional step family which got married in
it’s time to celebrate for our family
& we’ll lift a glass for those who can’t (or won’t) attend
the last time we checked the phone lines ran both ways
Today has been a flurry of activity
Navy son has moved the sewing machine & amoire
I’m trying to find the ribon to make some bows
so we can decorate a couple of tables for tomorrow
but it looks like i’m going to go out & buy some new ribbon
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