Step 1 – DB – Start with a Beginners Mind

Some Questions Which I’ve Got to Ponder &
Answer Over the next few Days
How SURE are you about things that are going to happen?

How much do you rely on the past, and the present, to predict the future? Especially about the "negative" things?

How would you see the situation you’re in from an outsider’s point of view? What if you were a third-party looking at the events that are going on in your life? How might you see things differently?

If you were to read your story on the board like it was someone else’s thread, what would you post to yourself? What advice would you give to you? How well would you take that advice?!

If there was no past history to taint your views of the possibilities of things that could happen in the future, what might things look like?

If you were to put aside the "fact" that everything your partner is doing is meant to hurt you, what other possible explanations for some of their individual behaviors might you be able to come up with?

What areas of your relationship might it be helpful to "take off your blinders", and see things from a different perspective?

What does that dot that the teacher drew on the blackboard represent to you?!

What would your answer be to the "miracle question"? Your answer to how things COULD be, instead of the way that they are?

If you were to start things over from scratch, with a clean slate, what would your relationship be like? What would YOU be doing to help lead it into the right direction?

Now, empty your minds, and let’s begin!!!


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