Left Behind 3 World at War News

I haven’t yet had a chance to buy the DVD of the latest release in the Left Behind Film series based upon the Left Behind novel series by Tim LaHaye & Jerry Jenkins
but I got this link in an email which does show that the secular media is picking up on the release of the movie
Hopefully I’ll be able to pick up my DVD copy from walmart or target store this weekend
I enjoyed the book series & both of the 1st 2 Left Behind DVDs which I purchased from walmart stores when I found them in the 2 for $11.00 bins for their discount movie section along with the other christian movie series which starts with Apocalypse, Revealation, Tribulation & Judgement but I don’t know what the title to that series is actually called, it would be nice to see a bigger section in the walmart stores dedicated to books so that more of the christain novels & movies can be sold locally
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