Navy Son is Great Help! Need Prayers so I can Forgive Byron

My sweet baby boy is all grown up
His flight in was sooo late on thursday 
that when we got back to the apt
the 3 of us just crawled into the futon bed width wise
G-son is thrilled to be in between his uncle & mom-mom
the 2 of them looked so cute like back when
G-son was an infant laying across his uncle’s chest for a nap
I just had to take a picture of the 2 of them
Friday was catch up on sleep day for Navy Son
so most of the day he caught up on sleep
& then started to make a few calls to friends
Navy Son moved only a few items waiting for byron to come
byron of course never did show up
So today saturday oct 22, 2005
Navy Son went right to work attacking the back room
It’s soo much better now & he made such quick work of it
that it only goes to show how quickly & easily
Byron Should’ve gotten this done month’s ago
Now it’s a matter of just how long will it take for byron
to get his butt over here to help move the beds
his parents which byron uses as an excuse not to work
certainly have no problem with byron
doing the work he’s suppose to be doing &
which byron had in fact given his parents
the impression the work was in fact done months ago
byron’s still in his self pity mode of lazy looking for pity
only mary his mom is willing to give byron the pity
which byron wants & enables his misbehaviors
mary doesn’t want to admit that byron’s doing wrong
nor does mary admit that she’s helping byron misbehave
but thats for the pyshcologists to work out
i sent byron an email friday nite I was so angry & hurt
i’m tired of byron’s self pity as if byron has so much to do
Subject: Tired Frustrated & Unappreciated



I think that we’re both tired & frustrated & feeling unappreciated


You seem to forget the pain & limitations which I have due to the car accident


Rather than giving me a “well done” or a pat on the back

 At the amount of work I’ve accomplished by myself or with Keith’s help


All you do is fuss at the amount of boxes which you now

 Have to break down & bring out to the garbage

Ignoring the fact that each box represents physical work I had to do by myself

That was done to get the box empty in the 1st place


It’s kind of hard to sound Appreciative of you

When you’re coming over with an attitude over doing normal chores that everyone who owns a home has to do


Besides right now you’re whining about how you have to do yard work

Is kind of pissing me off in a big way


when my dad who’s been working on the farm full time since he retired & for the past yr doing it all by himself since uncle Jesse has been sick & unable to do any work & as I suspected dad’s been doing this work while he’s had lung cancer eating up his right lung


So right now I’m not in the best of moods or sympathetic to you working 12 hrs sitting on your ass in front of a puter & talking on the phone –


I’ve worked 12 hr shifts on a regular when I was able to work doing physical work just like Lovette is doing now every Friday, Saturday & Sunday as a CNA doing physical care for patients


I’m going to end this ‘cause I’m really unable to be positive right now I’m upset that André’s has no place to sleep simply due to your laziness & there’s nothing right now that I can do about that


I’m praying that I’ll be able to forgive you for this but right now it’s very hard because I’m so upset over dad as well as the crap that you’re putting me thru



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