Navy Son is HOME!

YEAH! Navy Son is HOME!!!
I’m sooo excited & G-son is as well.
We’re having a ball considering that the boy’s room isn’t yet fixed with the beds in place
We’ve had to share the bed with the 3 of us sleeping on the bed width wise instead of the regular length wise
Navy Son’s feet are hangging over the end since he’s soo tall & G-son in the middle of his favorite 2 people after his mommy
Byron actted stupid when i called to ask why hasn’t he come yet to fix this place up after all his step father Jim had a place for byron to sleep when byron came home on leave when byron was in the navy so many yrs ago
Even Geof is mad at byron since byron’s not doing any work around here but Geof has been steady helping to move stuff around
It’s very unfair & childish of byron to expect everyone else to be doing his work for him regardless of what byron wants to complain about his job is a sit down in front of the puter & the phone all day long & his work day doesn’t even start until noon there’s no reason that he can’t take care of his household chores as well as his regular job & do the little bit of yard work that his step dad needs for byron to do
o well maybe one of these days byron will grow up – but until mary his mom starts cutting the apron strings & as the old saying goes "take the tittie out of byron’s mouth" that’s not going to happen
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