Navy Son Coming Home TODAY! Byron still MIA

I’m sooo excited Son is coming into the airport tonite! We’ll be picking him up & he’s going to have to stay at daughter’s house tonite ’cause byron’s still not showed up to move the bed’s into proper place
My girlfriend came over tuesday nite to help a bit & even she said that byron should be asamed of himself for not getting this stuff moved he knows that this stuff needs to be moved by a man & since the 3rd flr neighbor has offered to help byron has no excuse not to have moved this stuff   except for sheer laziness
mary byron’s mom called last nite trying to be all nice & sweet i guess to see what i had to say about it but i was angry beyond words so i just kept the convo very short  she doesn’t want to beleive the crap that byron’s pulling anyway  & i don’t want to hear mary making excuses for byron’s behaviors or hear her repeating the lies which byron’s told her that mary wants to beleive – she’s heard from a couple of my friends the fact that byron’s taking advantage of her & Jim’s kindness & how byron’s just wasting time & money drinking with the moochers but mary refuses to listen to the truth & pretends that everything is ok as all enabling mothers do of drug addicts & alcolholics but until mary comes to the point where she’s ready to accept her own responsibility in byron’s misbehaviors & she stops enabling byron by actting as if all is well in "paradise" of mama’s hometel & starts setting appropriate boundaries
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