We’re Working Hard & Byron’s Hardly Working!

Well Byron’s still officially MIA
& making no attempts to get his lazy butt over here to help move this stuff into proper place
It’s kinda funny that the 5yr old is complaining
"it’s not fair that we have to do all this work by ourselves, where’s Pop-pop to help us? Pop-pop should be helping us Mom-mom"
Where did it say "Out of the Mouths of Babes, the truth shall be spoken"?
Navy son is due home in just another day & 1/2 & the bed’s still aren’t into proper place in the boys room (the back room) had Navy Son not stopped in Cali 1st he’d have gotten here on the 15th & had no where to sleep!
 With the extra time & byron’s still not made any effort to get his butt in gear to move stuff
the 3rd flr neighbor’s even gotten mad that byron’s passed thru quickly last week but didn’t move anything  & the 3rd flr neighbor told byron that he’d help him to move the beds into the proper room so it wouldn’t be so hard for byron to do!
O but byron’s busy feeling sorry for himself since he doesn’t get to have sooo much fun like he wants to since his step father Jim has a broken foot
& now in addition to doing his 8 hrs sitting in front of a puter & taking smoke breaks to screw around with robin graham the poison pussy of allen street bristol ct who can’t see byron on the job now except for their break times since she’s not suppose to be in byron’s dept upstairs in dispatch at comcast cable when she’s an office support employee…
ooo pooor byron tillett at 39 yrs old almost 40 in fact now for the 1st time in his life has to do YARD WORK around his parents house – "o woe is me" byron says in his pity party feel sorry for him folks his parent have a small yard surrounded by woods & the leaves byron uses his step dad’s leaf blower to get the leaves off the semi circle driveway not a rake like so many of us have had to use
i’m sorry it’s one thing to really have to WORK but byron’s not hard to work hard since he got out of boot camp of the navy what 20 – 25 yrs ago? byron’s not gotten callouses on his hands or feet from hard work, & Byron most certainly doesn’t know what REAL Hard Work Is!
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