2 More Days & Son is Headed HOME!

I’m trying to be Upbeat but the slow progress on the unpacking is making it hard to be happy that Son is headed homewards for vacation when right now the bedroom for the boys is STILL a mess
I know that byron’s feeling pressures due to having his parents on the sickly side as well as his own denial about his own health being on the down side but it’s hard to feel sorry for him when he’s wasting so much time & money on the moocher gang
It would be another story if byron was in fact going to work & then to his parents home to help there but he’s in fact trying to tell them he’s working at the job when he’s out drinking & wasting the money on the poison pussy robin graham & the moocher gang of comcast cable he works with, then when he gets to his parents home he tells them that that i’m just being bitchy & the place isn’t as bad as i’m making out that it is
ok people have seen the slow progress of the unpacking which is being done all by me except for the moving of the big or heavy stuff – does it look like the apartment is OK?
Do i have a valid reason to be angry?
I mean i can’t cook on either of the 2 stoves in the pictures because there is no electric hook up for my stove & the landlord’s stove is gas & byron’s never bothered to pay off the old gas bill from our last apartment
so I’m only able to use the microwave & george foreman grill no hotplate to boil water on as byron promised & byron’s not bothered to hook up the surge protector power strips so that i’ll be able to use the convection oven & at least bake like i use to
i try to be patiant with byron but time is running out & quite frankly i’m at my wits end – please pray for me to be able to hold my tongue & just get throu this the best way that i can – i need help wich byron’s unwilling to give & daughter is unable to give while she works 2 jobs & goes to school full time for her LPN license –
getting a headache the only one who’s offering help is a 50+ pothead bookie whos ulterior motive is to get into my pants since he knows that byron’s cheating on me – ugh
regardless of what byron’s doing i’m not going to cheat on him just tit for tat – it’s not in Gods plan for me & even thou byron’s trashed our wedding vows byron hasn’t had the walk with God that i have had to know that God does provide & will protect us from evil when we try to walk in His ways – i’ve seen it too many times to ignore God’s word & to go against my vows
well let me end this venting – i hope that it’s out of my system enough so that i can be at least pleasant when byron gets here to close up some of these windows tonite from this cold air thats been blowing in at nite for the past week & maybe he’ll even move a few boxes for me tonite so that there’s more room for me to work around
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