Crazyness & Internet Problems

Hey folks I’m offline for awhile
Don’t know when byron’s going to get around to paying the internet & cable bills so I’ve got to get online when I’m able
I’m having to pay $3.00 per hour to use the internet at the mall "The Battle Grounds" is mostly for kids who are into playing RPG games & lan parties but they do allow for people like me to come in & use the internet
So thats why I’ve not updated & won’t be for awhile
for those of you who have my web email address leave me a holler –
I am slowly counting the days for when my wonderful navy boy gets to come home on leave for a couple of weeks – i’m kinda upset ’cause the poor kid has to come out of his own pocket to pay the $1,200.00 to get plane tickets home – byron was fussing at me it’s not going to cost him that much but things have changed from the time that byron was in the navy so if the child is saying that it’s going to cost him $1,200 then the free rides home must not be available in the japan area like they were for byron who was only based in iceland which is much closer to the usa than my son is
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2 Responses to Crazyness & Internet Problems

  1. Lucette says:

    Well, good to hear from you. I was getting worried! I\’m glad it\’s "just" the internet bill keeping you offline (yeah, I know…. bad enough huh) It could be worse! Hopefully it will be resolved soon and you can be online again. 🙂 In the meantime, no better time to turn up the tunes and get stuff organized and looking the way you want it for the upcoming reunion with your son, some "me" time like a bubble bath with a good book, or go for walks and admire the fall scenery. Take pictures too, to share with us when you get back!Thinking about you. Take care, Lucette.

  2. Lucette says:

    Oh, and at $3/minute, could you imagine how much I would spend?? LOL

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