MLC Roller Coaster – Byron’s BS again

I’m feeling really down today
I should be happy since my son emailed me confirmation that his CO’s have oked his leave in mid Oct so ny baby is coming home for a couple of weeks from japan
I’ve not seen my baby in over a year but instead I’m on the verge of tears again, because byron’s bullshitting around has this place still not unpacked & since every weekend byron’s got some new lame excuse as to why he’s not getting the stuff moved his latest excuse is a "sprained knee" which he claims to have gotten while sleeping at his mom’s house sunday but wasn’t so sprained that he couldn’t go out thursday nite after work & not go to his moms house or here with the personal care items he was told 2 days in a row over
my baby has to spend $1,200 to get home from japan & when he gets here he won’t even be able to stay the nite over here with me his mom & it’s just so unfair
byron gets to go out & have a ball wasting the money buying beer for his moocher gang friends & no one tells byron that he NEEDS to GO HOME & TAKE CARE OF HIS BUSINESS instead of wasting his time & money on the whore robin graham the poison pussy of allen street bristol ct who gave him herpes & the moocher gang losers from work who don’t give 2 shits about byron & call byron "BeerBitch" & laugh at him for being such a loser to waste so much on them
i’ve got such a headache & cramps from all the stress & the sudden depression which came over me today
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