Liking the Yahoo Stat Tracker

Hey the yahoo Stat Tracker thingy for Fantasy football is actually kinda fun
At least I’m begining to understand where & how the Fantasy football scoring works a little better
My week 2 results are actually looking a bit more promising – my Giants are doing pretty good for me but unfortunately my opponant has Tiki so althou the Giants are doing good point wise Toki’s hurting me so for tonite I almost wish they’d bench Tiki for the nite –
but I do have some points I hope coming from S. Moss tonite so my Djembe’s Dream yahoo F fball team may still have a chance to at least tie for this week & give me a 0-1-1 score for the week 2 & I’ll be happy althou I’d really luv to actually see a win i’m just not seeing how that could happen with Spandy having Tiki on his team
Thank goodness for ESPN – I get to watch the Giants game on ABC & the Washington game on ESPN during commercial breaks
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