Fantasy Football Draft Day!

Well this is my 1st yr of attempting Fantasy Football Online
& it just occurred to me that I should be posting those silly results here on my blog
Today is draft day for my League on NFL.Com Better Late Than Never is the name of the league & my team name is Djembes Dream on this league as well as the yahoo fantasy football league that I was successfully able to figure out that draft – the NFL>com ranking thing is a bit more difficult for me to figure out & that draft will be starting today at 10:45a & i’m really nervous about it since it’s alot more complex looking to rank the players & I’m not feeling very confident about the process
My week one in yahoo fantasy football was a bust Djembes Dream was Matched up against Thundercats & lost with me only having 37 for my score points at this moment I don’t recall what Thundercats had but week 2 i do know that I’m projected to lose against that team who has NE for it’s defense & my Tiki Barber  well it’s time for me to stop & sign into to my draft at NFL.Com
Wish me luck in getting more of the NY Team Players that I want especially my Giants defense & Tiki Barber
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