Power of the Praying Wife

My quote for the day is from
Stormie Omartian’s book
Power of the Praying Wife pg 22
"One Prayer at a Time
Don’t be overwhelmed
by the many ways there are to pray for your husband.
It’s not necessary to do it all
in one day, week, or even a month.
Let the suggestions in this book be a guide &
then pray as the Holy Spirit leads you.
Where there are tough issues &
you need a dynamic breakthrough,
fasting will make your prayers more effective.
Also; praying Scripture over your husband is powerful. That’s what I have done in the prayers at the end of each chapter, where you see a Scripture reference.
Above all, don’t give place to impatience.
Seeing answers to your prayers can take time,
especially if your marriage is deeply wounded or strained. Be patient to persevere & wait for God to heal.
Keep in mind that you are both imperfect people.
Only the Lord is perfect.
Look to God as the source
of all you want to see happen in your marriage,
& don’t worry about How it will happen.
It’s Your responsibility to Pray.
It’s GOD’s job to answer.
Leave it in His hands."
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