New Word – Diagnosis for MLC = Laugh I Needed Tonite

This New Word / Diagnosis for MLC

was on the DB board tonite


& I’m waiting now

for the Doc’s Official Reply



01:16 AM
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just the laugh I needed tonite

I think I like your new word

kinda feels fun rolling out the mouth
"PIA" to type but better & more fun to say in convo


Toddlescent m/f:

A person of adult calendar age behaving alternately as a toddler and adolescent.
seems to describe byron my MLC husband
presently 39 & will be 40 this coming january 2006

Criteria (at least 3 out of 6 are necessary to make the diagnosis):
ok lets go thru the list & see if byron qualifys for the diagnosis

Throwing tantrums when impulses are blocked:
Byron has definately been doing this –
in fact how dare I have the nerve to ask him to be responsible
for the bills which actually are in his name anyway or
for his chores now that football season has started

Displaying overt but false independence:
ok might this mean "going to mommy mary’s house"?

or being man enough to blow off his responsibilites whenever the moocher gang says "come on & hang out man"

could this be seen by byron’s sudden change in "fun activities"
which for years byron’s has said NO when the family has wanted to do things like camping
but now the new moocher gang friends say lets go camping
& suddenly byron pays for the whole bunch to go?

same with byron’s changing political views are now those of his moocher gang friends?

Needing mother figure but vehemently denying this:
this would include going "back to the womb" sneaking back to his mom’s house while his step dad is at work?

or mommy mary buying byron a car for byron because he’s too irresponsible to repair the 2 cars we already own?

& of course when byron signs up for dating sites he fails to mention he lives at his mom’s

Challenging rules and morals formerly accepted:
starting with the denial that GOD exists now?

might this include cheating on wife as byron has done?

lieing as to whereabouts & that he’s had affair with robin the poison pu$$y?

or the general assumption that I must be REALLY STUPID
to beleive what just came out of byron’s mouth?

Experimenting with sexuality and addictive substances:
hhhmmm lets see now
computer porn & sex matching – dating websites – yup byron does that

excess drinking – yup byron does that & is turning diabetic due to the drinking

dabbling with cocaine – yup byron did that too

Boasting of own achievements no matter how insignificant:
i guess this would be byron’s showing off
his puter "building" skills to robin the poison pu$$y & some moocher gang members?

byron gets angry when i "question his expertise" by asking questions about our system since I have some knowledge about software but not hardware & need to know what’s feasible with what I want to do & what the system can handle or be upgraded to

The behaviour has to be present for at least 1 year:
hhhmmm it’s been almost 3 yrs in LimboLand with Byron now

cause considerable impairment in social, emotional and material situations:
ok would this refer to byron’s drivng me literally crazy & to anti-depressants?

i guess byron’s misuse of $6k earmarked for home down payment money would be here

as well as byron’s $10k withdrawals from the 401k that I know of

not to mention how much in credit card debt that byron’s gotten us into

and must not be explicable by other concurrent disorders:
clarify this one please –
does this rule out MLC or
are you referring to Physical Ailments?

ok after careful analysis what do you think?
does byron qualify for this diagnosis?

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