Frustration Email

Yesterday i sent the following email to byron i felt it better than calling simply because i really didn’t feel like hearing his lies or getting into an arguement which he seems to like to push my buttons to help ease his guilt he tries to pick a fight to "justify"  his misbehaviors
what really frustrates me is that he complicates things by procrastinating on getting stuff done which makes me have to "remind" him tht things need to be done but when i remind him then i’m nagging –
i shouldn;t have to say anything about what needs to be done but when he doesn’t do the things as scheduled he hold me up in my progress
if he’d just move the stuff around as needed a few hours each weekend this apartment would’ve been unpacked already & i’d not need to call byron to "nag" – why doesn’t someone tell byron to just stop with the bull shit & get his work done & properly pay the bills & then he can go "play"
Subject: Thanks – CIGS!!! – Toilet paper – bathroom light out 2- 6 p weekend!

Hi Hubby;

Thanks for sharing your lunch with me yesterday…


Did you get all 4 of the tests that I emailed to you? You only printed out 2 tests which is why I’m asking – not sure if you ran out of time or if they didn’t go thru…


My frustration level is quite high with the time pressure as it is & you having blown off the chores last weekend when Football Season hadn’t yet started – all summer long you have had the luxury of avoiding doing the unpacking mess here while I’ve been doing what I can & tripping over stuff & getting bruised up (I got a fresh one this week) –


well the summer is over & time is short –

Football season has started & you want to have the luxury of watching all the games in bed on Sunday – while I’m stuck with no days off from the unpacking which needs to be done


Well you’ve known all along that son’s coming here shortly just like my cousin  came after I put her off from coming for a good while due to the mess in the house – it’s unfair that son won’t be able to stay the night here simply because you want to watch football games instead of putting in 4 good hours on Sundays & Mondays & an hour or 2 either before or after work


If I’m sounding angry in tone I’m apologizing for the tone but I am so frustrated having put up with this apartment condition since june & seeing very little progress –


I mean it has occurred to me that had I not gone out & purchased the futon set in June after waiting for you for so long that I’d STILL be sleeping on the floor & quite frankly that not only upsets me but also hurts my feelings


I mean this past weekend it was more important to you to go party on the OT paycheck than to make sure that I had food to eat, the rent paid & gas in the car, never mind that the 2 cars are sitting in need of repair, your car works so you don’t care about getting the wagon or the Pontiac fixed?


I gotta end this

I’m going to take an adavan & lay down for a bit

I’m so stressed that I’ve got a mega headache on top of the headache from the glasses not being correct just as I told you last yr I knew that was the problem



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