Ups & Downs of the Merry Go Round

I’m kinda tired it’s been a crazy weekend
I was crazy enough to walk 5k at the resevoir with my girlfriend who jogs & wanted company –
she lapped me & i took a pic of her on her 2nd time around
I looked a bit of a sight compared to most
who were there seriously working
on sweating themselves up
I was walking with weights on my legs & wrists
a camera around my neck
bottle of koolaid to drink
small back pack on my back
& a cigarette blowing smoke
just walking a steady turtles pace
i just laughed to myself –
Hey I’m enjoying the sites
not only the beauty of nature
(the yellow finches wouldn’t stay still for me to focus to get their pics)
but also the variety of people who were walking jogging running & biking there
families with strollers & young kids
a few elderly couples who looked so cute holding hands
a young couple who you could tell the guy wasn’t a regular since the girl would stop & wait for him to almost catch up & then move on ahead
several girls who you know that they need counseling
 ’cause they were way too thin
a few old fat guys who to look at them you wonder if they’re going to drop with a heart attack they were way too fat to be trying to run up the steep hill
even saw a pervert
who my girlfriend had the misfortune of
asking directions from too late
realising that his fat hairy butt was
NAKED in the car
but i survived the 5k up all those hills then went home to a quiet house thinking i was going to relax for the rest of the nite
i called byron & asked him to pick up mexican for me
& he let me know that he was only interested in going to his moms for the nite right after work so he could go to sleep
so i said ok when jaz called later saying that she wanted to go out for a drink & that she’d buy me one sice i had no money left & i told her that byron was coming by to drop off mexican food so after he dropped it off i’d call & she could come by & pick me up
byron hadn’t said that he’d changed his mind about going straight to his moms house when he came by with the food so i almost pushed him out the door since i was all dressed to go out to the club with my friend
he seemed mad but i ignored it & just wrote it up to the fact that he was tried from working long hours saturday
well later on i realised why he was mad…
silly fool had decided to stay over & have mexican dinner with me only i had pushed him out the door
he hadn’t called to say that he’d changed his mind
it’s kinda wrong for him to be mad
that i pushed him out the door since i made plans after
 he had said he was going straight to his moms house
i’m not a mind reader &
it’s wrong of him to assume that i’ve not got plans
plus how was i suppose to know he had changed his mind if he didn’t speak up when he got here?
the reason i know that he changed his mind is that there were 2 sets of plasticware in the bag with 2 entrees
he was so shocked that i was dressed ready to go out
that if he’d planned for seperate meals
he didn’t even ask for the entree that would’ve been his
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