Let Go & Let GOD

Got this today in my email & wanted to share

Pastor Doreen has many wonderful thoughts

& has helped me to get thru

this crazy MLC mess that Byron is putting me thru

there are times when i know that GOD’s working

there are other times when i can’t see His work

but i do know that God’s working on Byron

I’ve just got to keep having patience

while GOD deals with byron

byron has guilt that as much as byron tries

to drown out the guilt with beer & preversions

it’s always there when he wakes up

it’s there when he goes to sleep

it’s there & everywhere around byron

even thou mary tries to console byron

she knows that she’s wrong

just like byron knows that he’s doing wrong

but GOD is working on byron

byron is unable to run away as much as he may try




Acts 4:27-31

Indeed Herod and Pontius Pilate met together with the Gentiles and


people of Israel in this city to conspire against your holy servant

Jesus, whom you anointed. They did what Your power and will had

decided beforehand should happen.

But do you notice those incredible words, "They did what Your power

and will had decided beforehand should happen." Pilate and Herod had

conspired to kill the Son of God but they ended up bringing about

God’s purpose. These men rebelled against the Lord, they fought His

cause. . .but God is not outmaneuvered.

My friends, while you go through this situation in your marriage,

know that God has a plan for your life. God will use your spouse as

tool to bring about His divine purpose. He will use your family,

your in-laws and your friends to bring you where He wants you. Even

while you go through this situation, God will allow this tragedy to

get you where He wants you. Your character needs to be transformed

to that of Christ. Trials will do this.

God is in control. He takes tragedies and uses them to change lives

and hearts. He uses the bad things to wake up those who are lost in

their sin. He uses difficulties to show us His ability to provide for

us. He takes the hard times and uses them to wean our hearts from the

world and to

build character within us. The spouse rebels but they are foolish to

think they can frustrate the will of God.

Once we have established the fact of God’s Sovereignty and the

futility of those who oppose Him, we will begin to pray differently.

Having understood that God has a purpose in all things, we will not

ask to escape His purpose, we will ask to be faithful.

God is not surprised by what is happening in your life. He has

allowed these difficult times to enter your life for His good

purposes. Evil will never win. Evil will not win a single battle!

God is using these events in your family to bring about His perfect


No matter what you are going through in your home, good or bad, God

will turn it around. We see God’s wisdom throughout the pages of


Pharaoh stood against Moses but it only served to spotlight the power

of God.

The brothers of Joseph sold him into slavery but God used that to put

Joseph in position to save Israel

King Nebuchadnezzar threw Daniel into the Lion’s den and God used


event to demonstrate His sovereignty and to change the heart of a


Saul chased David around the desert and God used this to develop the

character of the future King

Herod tried to kill Jesus but that act only served to fulfill the

prophecy that the Messiah would be called out of Egypt.

Read some of the records in the Old Testament where God intervened in

the life of Israel. Read in the New Testament of Jesus’ healing and

the miracles He performed. Remember that God is more than capable to

meet your needs. Yes, know that He is a Restorer.

Look back on your life at the times when you didn’t think you would

make it . . . but you did. Think of the "hopeless" times that you

survived. Look at the cross. Think about what Jesus suffered there

for you. Remind yourself that the God who would go to this extreme to

save you is not about to desert you now.

When the difficult times of life come our way, we can focus on the

problem, or on our Sovereign God. God is still on the throne. It may

seem like things are out of control . . . but they aren’t. It might

feel like you are all alone, but you are not, because He says He will

NEVER leave nor forsake you. In Deuteronomy 32:27 we read these great

words, "The eternal God is your refuge, and underneath are the

everlasting arms."

I know some of you are exhausted and have lost hope. You are

overwhelmed by life and feel like life is about to wash over you and

you are about to be defeated. Know that when God is on your side, you

CANNOT lose because God has never lost a battle. If you are a child

of God, if you have put your faith in God’s provision for your life

rather than your own goodness, if you are trusting Jesus instead of

your goodness, then my friend I remind you that the everlasting arms

are under you.

Read through the Psalms and notice the characteristics of God. Go

outside and look around. See the splendor of creation and remember

who put it all in place.

First, we should learn to focus on the Lord rather than the problems

in our lives. Instead of wallowing we should endeavor to trust.

Instead of despairing we must hang on with confidence. Instead of

playing the problem over again and again in our head we should


the character

of God and rest in His sufficiency.

Second, we must seek to live faithfully. Sometimes God allows the

trials to get us moving. He may want to move us away from something

or towards something. Sometimes He puts us through a test to deepen

our character. Sometimes we go through tough times because that test


a stage on which to testify of God’s mercy and love.

Maybe God is allowing an affliction in your body so that you might

show the world the difference that Jesus makes. Maybe God is

allowing tough times in our lives to get us to evaluate and cherish

what is really important in life.

Obviously, I don’t know what God is doing—but He is doing something.

It is not wishful thinking. It is truth based on the fact that our

God is the Sovereign God of Creation who is all wise, all powerful,

and loves us more than we will ever be able to fully fathom. Yes, He

is STILL in control.

Be encouraged

Pastor Doreen

2778 NW 193 Terr. Miami, FL 33056


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