Why is it about a full belly
& decent sex that makes the day
 seem a whole lot better?
Am I the only woman in america
who wants sex twice a day
& who’s husband
won’t give her sex twice a day?
Very weird to know
that there are men who would love to
pick up the slack
heck going to the grocery store last week
right in front of byron a guy was flirting with me
the guy didn’t realise byron was with me
since byron was on the checkout line
& i was at the cig section waiting for service
but I am old fashioned
dummy that I am I only want
sex twice a day from my husband
guess I’ll just have to keep
a good supply of batteries
til byron wakes up out of his MLC fog
hopefully byron will wake up
move along the tunnel of MLC
maybe God will open byron’s eyes soon
I mean mary & jim are both
on the disabled list right now
byron’s getting his 1st look
at what it means to be getting older
mary’s gained so much weight she’s diabetic
& she’s having great difficulty walking
jim’s looking great (sexy even) at 60+
but he’s unable to walk due to an accident
not quite sure of the details since byron didn’t say
(took byron a whole week to realise it & tell me)
but jim’s got to go in for surgery on the leg
which jim messed up falling while doing yard work
something which byron should have been helping jim with
but byron was too busy with the moocher gang to do so
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