AAArrrggghhh byrons back to BSing AGAIN

I’m soooo Tired of the attitude
which byron’s been giving me for the past 2 weeks
I’ve been keeping quiet til yesterday
figuring that byron was just having a bad time at work
things have been such that byron’s been staying late
i asked byron last week why was he mad
& byron said he wasn’t MAD
so i knew it wasn’t me &
i tried to not to take his attitude personally
but yesterday was the straw that broke the camels back
he was fussing at me when i put in a remider call
that byron Has to move the stuff
i’ve been asking him to move since last month
’cause g-son hurt himself earlier tripping over stuff
so Byron pissed me off
how dare he have the nerve
to fuss at me for calling him at work
i shouldn’t have to call in the 1st place!
to remind byron to do the house chores
that he KNOWS has to be done but isn’t doing
the resaon that g-son tripped & got hurt
was due to byron not moving the stuff
so i called byron back at work &
gave him a piece of my mind
plus told a gabby girl at work why i was bitching
so that way they’d understand why i was calling
so when byron complained due to my calling
the gabby girl would have already told people at work
the reason for my calling
which all women with kids agree
is a very legitimate reason for me
to be angry with byron’s attitude
& the fact that g-son was HURT ‘
cause byron has been being a LAZY ASSHOLE!
then byron had the nerve to come by last nite
with NO Dinner for us to eat
NO CIGs for me No Bread, NO Soda, NO Money Either
then byron had the nerve to get mad
’cause I told byron to give me the 6 cigs
he had in his pack which he brought upstairs
hey it’s not my fault that byron wasted the paycheck
on robin graham the poison pussy of bristol
& byron’s moocher gang friends
byron choose to waste the money on that herpes wench
& the mocher gang doesn’t want byron around
unless he’s paying for the beers
& even then they’re making racist jokes about byron
so right now i don’t have a bit of sympathy for byron
i don’t feel loving towards byron in the least
he’s my husband & for 13+ yrs
& I’ve been faithful to byron
during those yrs no strange man has touched me
my sis-in-law says be more Godly & byron may come home
quite frankly this exact moment
byron can stay at his mom’s house
& i hope his herpes infected diseased dick falls off
i wonder just how "Godly" she’d be in my place
i’m angry right now
with good & "Godly" reason to be
i hope that i can get over this anger which i’m feeling
but right now i needed to vent
i was hoping some of my anger from yesterday
would subside after a nite’s sleep
unfortunately it hasn’t
don’t think this one will pass for awhile
unless byron actually grows up overnite
& apologizes for his wrong attitude
& actually moves stuff & takes care of stuff
that he’s been neglecting all of this month & last
fat chance of that happening since no one
is telling byron that his behavior is wrong
mary byron’s mom – is actually encouraging
byron’s bad behavior so he’ll stay living with her
since mary retired she doesn’t have a life
so having byron there gives her a sorta life
jim her husband & byron’s step dad isn’t happy
but he’s not putting byron put like jim said he wants to do
’cause then he’ll have to listen to mary fussing
worrying about "pooor byron"
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