Way too Much for Daily Update

Just been too much stuff going on
to take the time to daily update
as I have been trying to do
In general I’m in good spirits
 daughter has helped me
by clearing the dining room of the
extra boxes & barrels so that
i can have a clear room to work in
& she’s moved the bed over
so that there’s really good floor space visible
Althou I was quite surprised & disappointed
by the lack of funds
which byron gave to me on payday
but I didn’t fuss about the lack of funds
since I do know that byron’s irresponsibility
is catching up with him &
this paycheck he’s really got no money
since he failed to take care of bills last paycheck
& instead wasted his money & time
on the moochers rather than TCBing & getting OT$ 
he’s now got none for any kind of fun for himself
food or personal care items for me
& only 3 bills will get paid this paycheck
the rent & the car insurance & the payday loan
which the last 2 come out of the checking acct automatically
this week i worked on helping a few people on the db board
then got quite discouraged
by one fellow who fails to recongnize
that he has ALOT of work to do on himself
& unlike his wife who has to be subjected
by & to his temper tantrums
I simply choose not to speak to him for the time being
until I see that his attitude has greatly changed
As for my own soap opera
Byron’s been over for a hot minute
both before work & after on friday
G-baby & i have been having a pretty fun weekend
considering it’s started out very rainy
so I wasn’t very playful
suffering in pain due to the weather added agony
today the last of storm cindy was done
so we enjoyed making bubbles on the front porch
as well as the Mask 2, American Tail & other fun videos
Daughter is suppose to be coming later tonite
& again tomorrow to help move a bit more around
not sure if byron’s coming over as i requested him to
pick up a few things from the store
staples like sugar, personal care items & milk etc
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