Feeling Better Now

Feeling much better after my venting
Sometimes you have to let the frustrations out & then take a deep breath hold it for ten & just laugh at how people who don’t fully understand the sitch can comment & say the stupidest things which upset you but then you have to think to yourself "Really does it MATTER to me what they think or say about what they Really Don’t Know?"
Guess what! It DOESN"T MATTER
Byron’s going to continue to act crazy until either Mary stops letting byron act like an over grown teenager or byron finally decides to grow up
Byron is Mary’s problem child until she takes the tittie out his mouth so that Byron can grow up
Byron is God’s problem child & God is dealing with Byron
My Sis-in-law who lives in the mid-west & has only seen us a few times in the 13 yrs of marriage is actually one of those people who means well but doesn’t actually think about what she’s saying before she talks &
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