Do you wonder some days why u even bother?

Some days it’s just not worth bothering with people at all!
Try to answer someone’s question & they blast you for the answer which you give them – an explaintion which was not my personal views, just an explaination as to why a person might not want something in their home & the person who asks the question blasts me as if it was a personal attack on them – so the next day i’ve got to explain the explaination? who the person needs to be angry with rather than me for the points of view which i had compiled to make my explaination – ok got an apology for that one from the person who attacked me for answering their question
next i get email telling me that just maybe i could be more "Godly" to win over my husband who’s out whoring around with a nasty poison pussy who infected him & therefore me with a std but both of them live not a hair have i harmed on either one of them – all the while i’m just trying to act as if i don’t care that byron’s blown over $15k  from savings & 401k money on the comcast cable company slut robin graham & his moocher gang friends all the while when byron gets sick i’m the one who’s been nursing his butt back to health & dealing wiht his mother who thinks the asshole shits roses & mary’s baby boy can’t do any wrong & o it’s sooo unfair that byron should have to work to get the cars fixed that he’s neglected to do proper repairs on since 2002 sometime so for my birthday she buys him a used car so that even more money can get wasted & we’ll have 3 cars to worry about repairing since it’s older than the 2 cars which we already own this is the same woman who a day after a blizzard said buying winter snow boots for me wasn’t necessary?!! o plenty of other crazy crap like that has come out of her mouth so much so that the counselor that i started seing told me just shut up & get away from the woman ASAP, i mean would you be upset if she pretended to be you on the phone with a mortgage broker or insurance agent? technically she broke the law just like she does when she’s opened some mail & she knows better than to open mail since she use to work for the postal office! but though all of this i fought myself bit my tongue & told byron to get his mom in check cause i love her & i don’t want to say something which will hurt her feelings cause i’m angry – but i’m not being "godly" enough? when my pre-christain self would’ve gone to jail for murder? o lord am i being tested & tempted by satan himself like job was? my family is in shambles from this crazy crap that byron’s been pulling the past 3 yrs
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