Wheee the Mystery Monster is Giving UP!

WWWhhheee the Mystery Monster is Giving Up!
Well Byron’s car keys are still among the missing but "Mmonster" has given back the digicam & the mixers!
Been too busy to get new pictures taken of the progress which has been made by daughter & me yesterday
Even have some progress on my litle garden on the front porch
today while i was out i picked up 4 small gerainiums for $2.00
I managed to get 3 of them home ok
but one broke in half on the pot of the others in the bag
(i put the bud section that broke off in water hope it’ll bloom)
i put them on either side of the pansies
so that it’s a red & white theme going on
the roses are nearly done for now
i hope they’ll bloom again later this summer
i don’t know much about roses
so if anyone has any suggestions i’d apreciate it
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