Rainy Day & Trouble in Paradise

Well it’s not the greatest of days but i was having a decent day until
 I came home to find a note from the landlord claiming that the
air conditioner is leaking into his mom’s house –
i say claiming ’cause I’m not sure what days he’s talking about
most of yesterday i had to have the a/c off
since the outlet can’t have both the a/c & the puter on
 & today i was out early this morning
& with the rain i didn’t need the a/c on to cool the house off
i checked the window sill & there’s no water there so I’m confused
i emailed byron since i’ve not got access to a phone
& told byron to call the landlord & find out why Tom has "Call ME"
on the note he left on the door & also told byron that he needs to tell tom
himself that he’s going to be late with the rent since
byron’s choosing not to give tom a check from his own acct for the full amount of the rent
& doesn’t seem to want to even pay 1/2 of the rent
& pay the remainder next week when byron gets his next paycheck
i’ll be calling to mary’s house later tonite
 if my daughter gets here with the cell phone
she said she’d be over to move some more of this stuff
i stopped by for a hot second earlier
just before i went to the house to make sure of the time
but she wasn’t there so i don’t know when or if she’s coming
i’ve texted her friend since daughter is too lazy to learn how to text msg on her cell
but her friend texted back that daughter’s not there yet
i think the friend is bsing but i’m not going to  deal with that right now
Tom came over just before 7p
 so even thou i’d sent the email to byron at 5pm 2 hrs later
& byron hadn’t bothered to call Tom
i gave Tom both phone numbers to call byron
his direct line at work 1-800-824-5611 x1 x4 x2
then also byron’s mom’s house number so that Tom can call over there
if byron won’t be responsible on his own
well he’s just going to have to get the calls at work
& even better at his moms house
’cause then his parents will know he’s screwing up
mary can’t keep her head in the sand
if the landlord is calling there looking for byron
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