Tired but I Did Chop Into the “Forest” a bit

I’m heading for bed soon

Still feeling kinda down because I’ve still not managed to find

 the digicam or the car keys or the mixers

Byron brought me the Burger King I ordered  as well as 2 packs of cigs on his way to his moms house after work

but byron’s still got an attitude with me ’cause

even thou byron’s not actually accused me of taking his keys i know byron’s thinking it I can tell by his attitude & how he barely hugged me

The positive thing is that I did manage to find the little bit of money that my daughter dropped off so…

 maybe this mystery "monster" mess is going to slowly "return" the other items which are missing

I stopped by one of the boards to catch up on some people & to start a new thread since i’ve been gone for so long my old one is now locked

 it made me feel both good & down for the place has friendship & support but it’s so sad as to the reason for all us getting together there on the board –

i also wish that i could meet with so many of the people & get together on a regular basis for coffee & face to face support but this group is spread all over the world so it’s not really doable

althou i do have the fantasy of buying an RV & driving cross country to at least stop in each of the states to say hi & visit for a few days with each of the people who are on the board…

well maybe i’ll win the lottery & it’ll happen –

could happen … right?

going to call it quits for the nite

need to get some sleep & just let the brain take a rest

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