God’s Timing

Interesting thought today

How many times have we thought of someone only to a day or so later run into that person & found out that they were in need of the encouraging words which you had for them?

Was it a little nagging thought that just kept at you & made you pick up that phone or send that email or just happen to be on the IM in the middle of the nite to be there for a friend in need?

Yes God works in mysterious ways & althou it may seem that He hasn’t heard our prayers or is slow to answer or has forgotten us – these kinds of contacts when you needed that special message from a friend is in fact God at work reaching out to you thru one of his human helpers

Today I got very little done in the way of unpacking so anyone coming over would say that i did nothing today… but I feel good about the little bit which I accomplished unpacking but even better about that which I got accomplished online giving words of encouragement to a few people who are begining their jurneys on the roller coaster ride of their life –

Today I think I may have been God’s Little Helper & that gives me just a bit encouragement in my own sitch…

I have a Lil Sis in Christ online who’s been an encouragement & often God’s Little Helper answering questions & sending me words of wisdom to me & I’ve told her that I consider her God’s Little Helper ‘casue she’s always there just at the right time with the right words or information that I needed to hear 

to be honest I felt kinda jealous that I could see God in her & often prayed that I’d have that one day even thou she’s younger than me she seems to have many more years experience walking in the Lord’s Way she walks the talk

Today I felt that in some way I’ve gotten a bit closer to being one of the number of God’s Little Helpers & it gave me way more satisfaction than had I actually magically gotten the entire house unpacked & into order

Now even thou I’m in the middle of all this crazy unpacking moving fisaco I’m about to have fun with my 5yr old special favorite buddy


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