Back to the Grind of Unpacking

Today I just kinda took a little extra time in bed for me

I woke up at 6:30, 8 & 10 but just felt I deserve some extra nap time with all of the unpacking that I’ve been doing with very little help

i’m going to work a bit on my flowers the roses have been moved into a bucket, now it’s time to move the lillies into a couple & I need to cut off the old blooms from the roses & the pansies which have sprung out with lots more blooms

I’m going to send out a care package to my favorite sailor – realised that the big package that I had started I can’t afford to mail out so I’m going to mail only a few small items out at a time & send him the reading books in seperate envelopes

we thought he was going to be able to come home in july but his last email he’s unsure when he’s going to be able to come home & he’s got to pay for his own trip home which is going to be expensive from japan his ships home base

I really think thats terrible that the US GOV’T isn’t paying for our boys to come home to visit their families who have lent our most precious jewels to this country


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