Kinda Down Day Not Depressed Just Low

I’m trying to concentrate on the positives

but it’s really kinda hard to see the forest for the trees at this moment

I managed to find my old digicam so I’ll  be able to post pictures again but it’s kinda depressing that i’ve still not found the new digicam which is smaller & easier for me to use for picure taking when i’m out & around

Still missing are …

byron’s car keys since monday this week

& the 2 bottles of mixers which i purchased 2 weeks ago

in addition to the new digicam  which disappeared Sunday this week

also swalled up now is a small bit of money my daughter dropped off  today

will it ever end?

the mystery of the mising stuf?

will it ever end the sea of boxes, buckets & barrels to unpack?

Came across my old book of poetry which i use to write in when i was younger, think maybe i’ll  post one every couple of weeks &

 you can enjoy it or tell me

 how badly of a poet i was in my 20’s

hhhmmm the things which i use to do & bring me enjoyment

now the kiddies have flown the coop

i think i’ll get back to trying my hand at some other stuff i use to do

like painting ceramics, stenciling & other such crafty stuff 

well guess i’ll end this & get to uploading the pics i took with the old digicam now that i’ve gotten that unpacked &

 had a chance to take a few update pics around here

yesterday afternoon is when i actually took the pics –

just trying to get motivated to post them

been fighting this low feeling since sunday

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One Response to Kinda Down Day Not Depressed Just Low

  1. Steve says:

    Djembe,Sorry to hear you had a down day! Chin up! You reminded me yesterday what God did for me and what I was thankful for.Perhaps we will talk tonight?

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