Over Whelmed!



 Byron’s been actting up majorly this weekend so i tried to ignore his attitude & just get on with my life & the big project at hand unpacking the boxes, barrels & buckets & getting this apartment into a livable condition Byron wanted to party so of course he didn’t do anything here saturday after he found out the dishwasher wasn’t working – the hour he was here not much was accomplished but i just let it go Sunday I called to his mom’s house & he was in a bad mood & complaining about the dishwasher not working & all the money he’s got to pay on bills & said that he didn’t feel like doing anything –

ok I let it go at that & just went about my own business of trying to work more on the apartment & have some fun with g-baby who was being my helper as best he could considering he’s only 4.5 yr old & dealing with Daughter who’s not dealing with her issues but a question has popped up that is quite disturbing to me –

my digicam has turned up missing i last used it saturday nite taking pictures of the progress on the apartment but i’ve not seen it since… the question is did the upstairs neighbor who was behind me while i was printing out a yahoo map for him sunday afternoon steal the digicam, would daughter in her jealous mood take it saturday nite just to be spiteful? or did the digicam just get buried under something else in the house while i was trying to get the house in order so that g-baby had a place to sleep saturday nite?

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