Darn Lost My Update

Bummer Lost the update which i was adding to the previous post

Guess there was too much "down time" since i was updating in between doing some unpacking – did manage to get 1 barrel & 4 buckets emptied while i was trying to add to the post but i guess i needed to publish & then add more

since it was over the course of 2 hrs that i was adding i’ve forgotten some of what i was posting as additional thoughts

i do know that my last thought was that i’m really bummed & depressed over not being able to take pictures right now with the digicam – it was my creative way of keeping me positive about the slow progress which i’m making in this place

a picture is worth a thousand words & my typing all that i’ve worked on each day would be BORING but a few pictures lets me & everyone see what i’ve done & on the days when i’ve only gotten small things done someone walking in wouldn’t see that any work was done but the photos would be able to show before & after & allows me to see that some progress is being made 

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