When Will Byron Learn His Life Lessons?

Guess the drinking yesterday took more out of byron than he had planned

byron seems to forget that chronicolgy he’s 39 but…

 his body is older due to the Sarcoid & the diabetes which kicks in when he’s drinking & add to that the smoking & his body is more like 50ish with osteoporisis at work in his bones which is why his 2 front teeth have fallen out of his mouth & the others are loose

called byron this morning & he was complaining

that he doesn’t want to do anything today & he wants to just stay in bed = HANGOVER & SARCOID PAIN are KICKING HIS BUTT

o well he’s got to learn the hard way i just hope that he learns before he ends up in the hospital with serious damage…

i’m trying to think of the title of the country song that some woman sings about how she’ll be the one to put the pieces of her man back together again, looks like i’ll be singing that song or…

 my mother-in-laws dream will end up coming true that she told me about during the 1st 18 months of our marriage sometime…

i’ve not mentioned the dream to mary or

 asked her if she remebered what she told me

but i’m sure that most wives would remember her mother-in-law(mil) telling her that MIL had a dream & in the dream the husband had died & the wife & MIL were fighting over the body & funeral (open casket & other funeral  stuff)

but in the casket byron didn’t look like his normal self but had a scruffy unkept clothes & beard & his face was bloated…

well at the time she was telling me this byron was the exact opposite of what she was saying…

but that has changed…

 byron’s sarcoid is active, his weight has bounced up & down  in extremes last year but since novemeber last yr & all this year it’s been all weight loss to the point where it’s kinda scary that he’s lost so much so quickly

byron’s drinking & taking his Rx for prednizone has gotten byron diabetic during his drinking episodes with readings as high as 580! but he refuses to test every day or to admit & treat his diabetes

& althou no medical study has been published that the sarcoid doctors around here know about

i do think it’s the drinking which is setting the sarcoid off in the 1st place, i’ve spoken to a few sarcoid patients around the world via IM & i’ve noticed a few seem to fall into the pattern of drinking & sarcoid acts up 

the drinking definately is not helping with the bone loss which byron’s having due to the sarcoid but the docs haven’t yet made that connection with the drinking & sarcoid so it’s not mentioned as one of the things to try to do in definate moderation or try to avoid during the time the sarcoid is active one of these days the docs will do a study & make that connection

but in the meantime i just observe & make mental notes on how byron’s self destructing during this mid life crisis (mlc)

hhhmmm maybe there’ll be a book when this is all done?

"How I Survived The Mid Life Crisis of Byron Tillett"?

it Amazes me even sometimes that I’ve made it this far

with God’s help is all i can say –

since byron’s been actting like a yo-yo i’m lucky to be sane…

"things are going to work; no things aren’t going to work; i’m coming home, i’m not coming home, i’m home; i’m outta here we’re going to buy a house, we’re going on a trip to disney fla;

oooppps i changed my mind i’m going on a trip with robin graham the slut from my job who gave us herpes…

but i’m going to deny that i slept with her or spent any money on the trip even thou i cleaned out the bank acct while on my trip around her neighborhood or that she said to you that we’re lovers she was just joking"

Thank you God for being my strength & giving me a sense of humor when it comes to  listening to Byron tell the lies which mary may choose to try to beleive

i know that a mother’s love is special

but mary’s trying to make up for her guilt for abandoning byron & his brother tracy when they were small for a few years

so she doesn’t want to believe that her baby boy her favorite son

 could do so much wrong & when she’s told the truth she tries to deny it & goes into overdrive with all the more enabling moves of a co-dependant that she can think of

from buying byron a car for my birthday 

yes folks it’s true she bought him a car for MY birthday because she didn’t think that byron should have to work the way the rest of us do to keep the 2 cars working we have to pay a repairman but that requires 1 car be in the shop at a time

& she doesn’t think byron should have to share the car which means that byron has to rely upon his friends to go party which he doesn’t want to do because they are only his friends when he’s spending money on them & they won’t go all the way out to windsor to pick him up & drop him off again at her house

to making excuses as to why it’s ok for byron not to pay the bills which need to be paid – like the gas for cooking or the phone bill both which are over 1yr old & were unpaid the entire time that byron had little expense while we were living at his mom’s house for 6 months


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