How Does Your Garden Grow?

I’m just wondering who’s got gardens & / or houseplants out in the Real World

Now that I’ve gotten the majority of my buckets unpacked from moving the glass items,

in my pursuit of having a small garden on the cheap on my front porch

 I’m recyling the square buckets into planters

so that I can have my roses & lillies which usually aren’t seen in planters unless they’re in those fancy deep planters which cost alot of money which I don’t have to spend

Anyway anyone who’s got experience with planter gardens

I’d like to hear from you any advice that you migt have –

right now i’m just getting set up taking the nicest of the buckets

 putting a couple of plastic bottles into the bottom for drainage – figured the bottles will be a lot lighter than using rocks which is what i’ve seen reccomended to put on the bottom of planters –

the bottles will take up the space on the bottom without adding alot of weight –  i figure it also keeps a few bottles out of the dump so althou it’s not much it’s going to help in a small way for doing my part to help mother nature

right now i’ve not got the potting soil i need to put the plants into

so what i did is take some of the shredded newspapers & packing peanuts

which i used to pack my glass items

& have put a layer on the bottom of the window planters which i do have

I just put the pansies on top of that – i’ve seen that slowly the roots are starting to spread out a bit on them

 the excess water is down on the bottom mixed in with the paper & peanuts

so for the roses & the burning bush & lillies i’ll be doing the same

only since those require deeper plantings

 i’ll be filling the buckets up on top of the plastic bottles

& then slowly as i’m able i’ll buy the small bags of soil when i go shopping

& add a cup to each "planter"  every other week

the soil will stay loose that way &

since the peanuts are mixed in with the shredded newspapers

the soil will filter thru but not too quickly

& when it comes winter time the buckets won’t be too heavy to move inside


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