Depression, MLC stage 4 Movement?

Well I’m not sure but i think that I’m seeing some movement along the MLC  timeline from replay into the depression stage & back again

not quite sure but his attitude was more depressed than arguementative last nite & today

when byron stopped over earlier in the day i was upsatirs talking with the 3rd flr neighbor so i didn’t hear my doorbell ring –

byron seemed just a bit upset that i wasn’t home but not overly so that i noticed it or mentioned it to him, i mean i’m not going to spend my whole day trapped in the house waiting for him to decide to show up

i didn’t try to make too many demands upon byron’s time even thou he had taken the day off today so that he could work on the 2nd bed room, but althou he couldn’t figure out where to begin i pointed out a few things while he was taking a break of where i’d like to see things put so that i can best move around & make more progress on unpacking & making this apt into my personal space

i was kinda surprised & disappointed that he got up to leave at 4:30p since byron hadn’t gotten much done

 i asked if he was going to get us something to eat & he said no he’s going "home" mumbling most of the time so I had to ask him to repeat himself which really threw me off since he’d only gotten to the house a little before 3

& the only thing he did manage to do was put on the adapter for the dishwasher but for some reason the water isn’t flowing thru the hose; byron tried fiddling with it a bit while i worked more on emptying the buckets on the front porch

when i brought out a few things for him to put on the door frame of the wash room since he’s tall enough to get the items up with little need for the ladder except for when he hung the kitchen clock for me (doesn’t work for some reason but it looks pretty) he seemed to be quiet but ok

i don’t know if he was upset that i was doing my own thing unpacking the stuff from the buckets

i wasn’t paying attention to him or what attitude he might be having

i was in a good mood & didn’t want to make my day go bad

from byron getting upset ’cause i was asking him to do too much & he really didn’t want to do anything ’cause he knows the mess that was made moving is his responsilbility since he was in charge of it & refused to take any of my advice on how to make the move go smoothly

when byron was leaving out i asked him why he was walking away & talking when he knows that i can’t hear what he’s saying, only got more mumble

later on daughter came over asking where was byron?

she had come over to help him to make the 2nd bedroom so we can at least walk into the room while i slowly unpack; but when she called from here byron’s mom  mary said that byron had left already without having called daughter back which both hurt her feelings as well as pissed her off

o well byron blew us off to go drinking but he’s going with a slightly guilty conscience as evidenced by his depressed mood while he was here

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