Father’s Day is Coming Quickly

I was reading the small book which I got for Byron & my Dad as gifts for Father’s day to go inside of the cards

& I was thinking it’s definately has thoughts which many men need to hear

& maybe why we women just end up so misunderstanding the men in our lives,

the book is a quick read but has such deep thoughts

that I’m going to get a few more copies of the book

& give them to the men in my life, Son & Brother & my lil’ cousin

& a few good male friends who have made a differance in my life


"You Have What it Takes… What Every Father Needs to KNOW" by John Eldredge

Chapt 4 pg 14

" So let me say this as clearly as I can:

You, Dad, are the most powerful man in the world… at least in their world.

Your children are looking to you to answer the deepest question of their lives."

Chapt 4 pg 15

 "Mother is love & tenderness & mercy. She is a picture of the heart of God.

But identity – especially gender identity – is bestowed by the father.

A boy learns if he is a man, if he has what it takes, from his dad.

A girl learns if she is worth pursuing, if she is lovely, from her dad.

That’s just the way God set this whole thing up.

This power He has given To YOU"


I think that John’s book written for men

which the main points in the booklet were taken from

would be a good read for any man

just from the small bit which is put into this booklet

the title of the book which this booklet was drawn from is called

"Wild at Heart: Discovering the Secret of a Man’s Soul"

it has a workbook which is called "Wild at Heart Feild Manual"


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