Futon Finished Early Delivery in this Heat Wave!

 They Did it Again – The Bob’s Discount Furniture Delivery Guys Got here EARLY!

LOL who says that only women are vain? the 3rd delivery guy didn’t want me to take his picture ’cause his hair was a mess only 3/4 of his braids were taken out  something us women usually won’t do go out in public with our hair a complete mess… Really folks you Don’t know who you just might run into or who might want to take your picture

I’ll be posting more pictures later i’m off to my doc appt at 10 so i can can get there in time, Byron came over sunday & moved some stuff both on sunday & monday

at 1st he was in a really super bad mood but I was too hot to try to point out how much was his own fault & mostly just let him do his yelling…. eventualy i guess byron realised that it was too hot & taking way too much energy to yell & to try to move furniture so he calmed down & moved things around in the living room & in the dining room so there’s more progress althou at 1st glance it may not seem like it

monday he realised what i had been trying to explain all along… it’s easier to move 1 – 2 big things in the early morning before the heat kicks in fully so while i was sleeping byron moved our electric stove into place on the side of the landlord’s gas stove, how he managed to do it without me even hearing is amazing but he did get it moved & that is such a big differance in the kitchen to see clear open floor,

I don’t know but until this weekend i don’t think that byron really understood just how much work I have accomplished & how in this heat wave I’ve been limited to working in the coolness of the nite – byron surprised me saying that he’s going to see if he can get the day off on sat so he can work on the 2nd bedroom the one which clearly no one can walk into & see if he can find the air conditioners & get those put into the apt – byron was dripping sweat from where he’d taken my clothes & went to his moms house to get his own clothes & did our laundry, dropping mine off around 5:30-6:30ish last nite

i finally remembered to take a picture of my roses & pansies which i purchased last week tuesday, the lillies i bought were poorly packaged & had mold in the dirt & i can’t even return them since the i can’t find the receipt so those were a complete loss along with the red bush which I purchased at the same time – what i need now is to pick up some dirt so i can get the roses into one of the empty buckets so they have room to grow I’m 99% sure they’re root bound in their current pots

almost 10 a & byron’s not yet gotten here from his mom’s house with the puter speakers & the coffee pot, i’ve got to get ready to leave so that i’ll be on time for my appt at 11a which is several towns over & i’ve still got to stop to get gas b4 i hit the highway – hope he gets here in the next 10 minutes otherwise he’s going to miss me like we had happen the week before last when he didn’t remember my doc appt then either & i had reminded him 2 times


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