A Prayer Sent to Me I’m Claiming for ALL My Friends & Family

Here is your finacial blessing!

It’s a simple prayer for you to read outloud, you have 30 seconds? Don’t sleep on this….

Someone recently read this for the 1st time & received exactly enough for a $0.00 balance on all credit cards. If you are in need of financial blessings in your life, continue reading this email…



Heavenly Father, Most Gracious & Loving God, in the name of Your Son Jesus

I pray to You that You would Abundantly Bless my Family, Friends & Me I know that you recognise that a Family is more than just a Mother, Father, Sister, Brother, Husband, Wife & Children

But ALL who Believe & Trust in You Heavenly Father

In the Name of Jesus Heavenly Father;

I send up a Prayer Request for Finacial Blessing

for not only the person who sent this to me, but for me, my family & friends & All that I have forwarded this message on to (& those who’s email adresses I don’t have but who view this prayer request here online)

We stand in agreement & know that the Power of Joined Prayer by those who Beleive & Trust in You is more powerful than anything in this world. I Thank You in Advance for Your Blessings Jehovah Jireh

Father God in the Name of Your Son Jesus deliver the person reading this right now from Debt, Debt Collectors & other Finacial Burdens.

Release Your Godly Wisdom that I may become a Good Stewardover All that You have given to me Heavenly Father for I know how wonderful & mighty You are & how if We will just Obey You  & walk in Your Word & have the Faith of a Mustard Seed & Ask in Faith Beleiveing that YOU WILL pour out Blessings

I Thank You now Lord for the recent Blessings I have already Received & for those Blessings which are yet to come because I Know You are not done with me

Additionally I humbly request Lord

that Your Word may spread & Full Knowledge of Your Power be made known

& those who are Unbeleivers who are reading this Prayer

but willing to give it a try that in doing so

they will Find Your Word to be True

& Come to Know You thru Your Son Jesus

& they will know that Your Word Bears Fruit ALWAYS

In the Name of Your Only Begotten Son Jesus I Pray AMEN

take 60 seconds to say this prayer outloud

& send this to others & with in hours you will have caused

a multitude to pray to God for each other in agreement

& then Watch the Power of God work in Your Life

& those who you have prayed for & have sent this to 

Go Now & be a Blessing to Some One

& by Doing the things which you know God loves He shall Return to you

a Full Measure Pressed Down & Over FLOWING

Peace & Blessings

Your Sister in Christ

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