Futon Bunkbed Set DELIVERED EARLY!


I was so excited like a kid christmas so I rushed to the puter to check on the delivery schedule progress –

Bob’s Discount Furniture has a feature like UPS so you can track the delivery &  OMG! They showed 8:45am for delivery!

Byron hadn’t come over to move the futon frame from the living room so there would be room for the new stuff   

so I IMed daughter who was on her way to work to call Byron at Mary’s house (his mom’s) so he could get here immediately to move this stuff into proper place

then I updated the website

& apparently the people before me weren’t home & the next thing

 I’m seeing is the time changed to  7:50am!  

no sooner had I seen the time change & I’m seeing the truck pulling up

I explained the problem with the furniture & Byron not actting right & would they try as best as they could to put the 2 pieces together in the 2 rooms

they were so nice moved the trunk out of the way which I couldn’t move with the stuff in it & they got the 2 frames together so quickly it was almost amazing that it could be done so quickly, but then again they used the black & decker power screw drivers with the big batteries & worked together as a team

I was disappointed that the store wasn’t able to send the futon working part but the store has gotten them in & will be sending that on Tuesday to be put onto the frame which is put together in the living room now

It’s taken me more time to update the site here

than it took them to put together the 2 pieces & put my mattress on to the bed & put their tools in the bag & boxes out the house & off to the next person

Going to take a nap in my bed

It’ll be so nice not to have the mattress slide when I turn over

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