OMG it’s way too HOT!

Went down to the car & nearly passed out…

Had to get out & come back upstairs & throw some water on

Think I may have to wait to go get the fan until later

Hopefully they won’t have sold out already

Kinda down due to that but it’s just not going to be possible for me to go to the store with the car being so hot – got heat bumps all i’m going to do is run back down & open the windows slightly – so some of the heat can escape as the sun goes down – could use some rain to cool it off – humidity is at least 50% I guess don’t know all i know is that it’s way too hot & muggy for me

thank goodness i got my hair cut in april, i’d hate to have had all that hair to deal with today – weather like this just made it frizz unless i put lots of conditioner in it so the curls would stay curls rather than frizz

i took a few minutes & went outside & a slight breeze has picked up

so hopefully it’ll blow some of that cold & rainy my friend said she’s got in canada on down this way to cool things off here


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