Mental Health Ponderance


Why is it that we allow our family & friends to cross the line that complete strangers we’d not allow to treat us in such a manner?

Why do family members feel that that they can treat the ones who love the most & care for them the best in the worst way possible?

After stopping by my buddy’s blog today

Those questions just popped into my head

I had recomended to him to read the book Boundaries by Cloud & Townsend which I’ve started to read & do the exercises in the workbook

It was just the thought which I had that I wanted to express,

I fully know what he means by being attacked by friends of the person who you were attempting to help out & do the favor for

only to end up having things turn out

the person who the favor was being done for not only doesn’t appreciate the favor being done for them but they in turn make you out to be the bad person for asking for some reasonable requests in return

It’s so draining to putting up with such negativity

but when it’s a family member it’s hard to get thru to them that they just have to be responsible adults & learn from their mistakes

But more importantly they need to learn how to take advice so that they won’t keep making the mistakes in the first place…

not sure if I’ll get into the details of why this ponderance has taken the front of my thoughts today but that it has is my ponderance for the day

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1 Response to Mental Health Ponderance

  1. jeshiku says:

    hey, my own personal feelings on why family feel they can treat each other badly is that it\’s about trust. in some way, we only allow our shadows to emerge with people we trust and know love us. but in loving that person don\’t we have to say no, your behaviour is not acceptable sometimes. as for why people can\’t take advice? what about the person giving it? why so invested are they? what\’s the lesson for the advisor? thank negetive people for their help in discovering the truth of your own shadow by reflecting it back it to you and maybe they won\’t get to you as much, that\’s my twopence.cheers

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