The Soap Opera Called My Life Goes ON


Love Hate thing still in full force

Some progress is being made but it’s very slow going

Silly husband still hasn’t gotten the phone installed – might help if he just made 2 payments on the old bill it’s not very high just unpaid for over a year – of course that would mean that he’d not be able to buy his moocher gang friends any beers o such a terrible choice

buy his "friends" beers to buy their friendship for the time he’s getting them drunk    or

be a responsible adult & pay the bills properly

well so far the moochers are winning in the choice between bills or beers

what gets me is that byron has the nerve to be mad at me because he’s broke after wasting all his money on his "friends" who haven’t helped byron in the entire 8 yrs that he’s known them to move a single box each time we’ve moved….  hhhmmm do they sound like REAL FRIENDS to you? I didn’t think so but for some reason Byron’s not able to see that –

o by the way I forgot to mention that these people have the nerve to tell racist jokes but got upset when I pointed out that thier trailer trash mentality was truely showing that they were in bred red necks  the mental midgets can’t take being put in their place by an educated black woman & whose teenager ran verbal circles around them but out of respect for his "Dad" my son took it easy on them….

aaahh but i digress enough about the moochers the ordinary sane man or woman would say

"hey if my so called friends are NEVER around to help me out when I need some help moving or when I’m broke then I don’t need to be buying them beers & wasting my hard earned money on them time to get some new friends who do more than just drink all the time to get drunk on my money" ….

but for some reason my husband byron doesn’t have enough sense to open his eyes to the truth of the matter = he’s being used & abused & laughed at  behind his back by the folks on his job…

both those who are doing the using as well as those who are just watching him  shaking thier heads  at how stupid he is for allowing the mochers to use him

they ALL come into work  he’s the only one all upset due to being broke & the bill collectors are calling his mom’s house, his job or I’m calling cause I got another notice on something he didn’t pay that he failed to warn me about

o well one of these days byron will learn  hopefully sooner than later, he’s not getting any younger almost 40 & his body is falling apart from the drinking, sarcoidsis, diabetes, already lost 2 front teeth & the next 2 are loose & the dentist wants to pull those out as well rather than have them just fall out

in the mean time i’ve decided to have a bit of fun  going swimming in my friend’s pool & having bbq’s in the new yard & there are a few summer concerts which i’ll be checking out & never mind trying to get the house all set up in just one week because it’s physically impossible for me to do so – 1 box in each room unpacked will be my daily goal afterwards I’ll relax & take a breather

the 5yr old I’m babysitting for the weekend & I are going to get some popcorn from the store & watch the Incredibles on PPV at 3p & then afterwards when it cools down a bit we’ll go for a walk to check out the local ice cream shop & compare it to Freindly’s prices if they’re the same we’ll eat there  if they’re higher we’ll go to Friendly’s so he can have dinner & ice cream too he’s being such a good boy & trying to "help" me unpack that he deserves it

well once I find some 3.5 disks I’ll be able to update this site to show the slow  progress but they’re lost somewhere in the piles of boxes that got moved the other day  well it’s almost time for the movie to start so I’ve got to end this post & run to get the pop corn

What is your story with the perils of moving or silly spouses? 

Feel free to comment or link our blogs together or just say HI! to let me know that you stopped by I like chatting with new friends & old


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1 Response to The Soap Opera Called My Life Goes ON

  1. Darren says:

    Oh if we could only stop the Merry Go Round….get off I say…fugg it…I am jumping ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…(bounce)shit..that hurt

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